Anthony Musilli – Being Professional

Anthony Musilli has been his own business owner for many years now, overcoming several different challenges that have made him into the man he is today. Anthony says that he has faced his fair share of trials and tribulations over the course of his career that have changed his perspective time and time again. What Anthony has learned over the course of his career as a business owner is that no matter what, even when the chips are down and you feel as if you are going down a dark path, which you have to stay diligent and professional. Anthony says that conducting yourself in a professional manner is important because it gives you a certain level of consistency that people come to rely on. Being consistent in the business world is essential for success, because consistency leads to trust, and trust in a customer is how you build a customer base and repertoire that will ultimately lead to customer loyalty. Anthony says that being professional is not just about how you dress, but your general behavior, including being prompt and on time, as well as conducting yourself in a way that gives you a good image. Anthony says that professionalism has been one of the main reasons that he has been as successful as he has.

Anthony Musilli

Anthony Musilli

Anthony Musilli says that he has often stressed to his employees the importance of conducting themselves in a professional manner. Anthony says that this is because he knows that if he passes on this mode of thought and philosophy to his employees, that they will in turn improve their general quality of life. Anthony says that it always makes him happy when he sees one of his employees embrace this ideology and become a true professional.

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