Anthony Musilli – Animal Lover

Anthony Musilli is a business owner that operates a Cinnabon bakery in Western New York, something he loves doing. Anthony says however that he has many varied passions separate from work, and that he cannot be explained solely by his career. What most people do not know about Anthony is that he is an avid animal lover who works actively for animal rights. Anthony says that animals are very sensitive and intelligent beings, and that they deserve the respect and admiration of people. Anthony says the sad part is that people believe that animals are less important or less intelligent than people, and therefore exploit them for things such as product testing and puppy mill breeding.. Anthony says that this is simply unacceptable, and that the horrid and terrifying conditions that these animals endure are cruel. The lack of sensitivity or consideration shown to these remarkable creatures disgusts Anthony and other animal activists alike. Anthony believes that in the future, humanity will look back on the way that they treated animals with disdain, and that the key to preventing animal cruelty is simply to educate the masses. Anthony says that many people, especially youth, simply are not aware of the cruel conditions that animals are forced to endure, and if educated, they would become active in the fight.

Anthony MusilliAnthony Musilli says that the best way to fight back against animal cruelty is by getting active and participating in the movement. Anthony says that by spreading awareness about the conditions these animals are forced to endure you are more likely to make an impact on the community. Anthony says that the more people that are involved in the movement, the more effective it will become, and we can make a real difference.

Anthony Musilli

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