Walking the Great Wall

For over 2,000 years, the Great Wall of China has weaved its way through China’s landscape. Originally constructed began in 221 BC, as a means to keep Mongol soldiers from entering into the Middle Kingdom, the Great Wall has a storied past. The last of the six billion cubic feet of compacted earth was placed in 207 BC. The Great Wall wasn’t as effective against the Mongol soldiers as had been expected, and soon it became a way to transport equipment, goods, and passengers throughout the most mountainous parts of China. As time passed, however, the mammoth wall began to deteriorate and fall apart. Without the threat of marauding nomads, the wall soon fell into disarray.

Anthony Musilli

The resurgence and revitalization of the Great Wall are due to the tourist industry. As more and more people became interested in the history of the wall and were requesting the ability to walk along the ancient structure, the more significant the structure became for the Chinese government. Soon tour groups began to be established, allowing for the government to collect money and tourist to learn more about the great structure. Now there are a number of different areas where tourists can see one of the most famous landmarks in the world. When Anthony Musilli traveled to China, the Great Wall was on his list of places to visit. He loves being able to see the world’s historical sites and really take in the historical significance of the site. Anthony was humbled by the ancient structure and believes it is something that everyone has to see in his or her lifetime.

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