Things to Consider Before Fostering a Dog

Deciding whether to foster a dog is a tough decision to make. On the one hand, it is an excellent opportunity to give a dog a chance at a second home and a second life. On the other hand, fostering a dog is a huge responsibility and one that is difficult to prepare for. There are some things you have to consider such as the dogs history, behavior, and maybe even age. Here are a few tips to consider that may help you make your decision whether to foster a dog or not.

Anthony Musilli

  • Make sure that you have an open discussion with your family about fostering a dog. Everyone in the family has to be on board with the decision to foster a dog because everybody is going to be affected and have to pitch in, one way or the other. If you already have a dog, you have to consider them a part of your family as well and discuss how fostering may affect them.
  • Decide what kind of tasks you are up for and what tasks you are not. For example, you may or may not be willing to take on a dog with prior behavior problems. Taking on a dog with behavioral problems will require creating a plan of action. If you are not willing to take on such a dog, that is fine, there are dogs up for fostering who do not have behavioral issues.
  • Discuss the financial responsibilities with the shelter. For example, you could agree to pay for the food but if the foster dog needs to go the vet, the shelter could pay for that. You need to come to some financial agreement regarding who is liable for what. This agreement could also include who is liable for any physical damage caused to anybody by the dog.

Anthony Musilli is an animal advocate and a dog lover. Since 2005, he and his family have fostered over 30 dogs and adopted a rescued Chinese crested dog, along with their two standard poodles.

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