Traveling to Japan

Japan, like so many Asian countries, presents itself as a mysterious, out of this world, and mystical country. For Westerners, traveling to Asia is exhilarating because of the difference in culture and social mannerisms. Having said that, it is important to adapt and understand the cultural differences so as not cause any offense. Here are a few tips for when you visit Japan.

Anthony Musilli

  • Where nice socks because it is customary to take off your shoes in a carpeted room. This includes homes, parts of restaurants, and other public places.
  • Learn hand gestures before you visit Japan. Someone walking through a crowd with their hand on their chest means that they want you to get out of the way. Pointing at your nose is a reference to yourself but pointing at things and other people is rude.
  • Be aware of your surroundings when you are speaking in a group. It is considered to be rude to speak loudly in Japan.

Anthony Musilli is a well-traveled individual who has spent extensive time in Europe, South America, the Caribbean, and parts of Asia. Here recently traveled to Japan.

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